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Michael J. Schumacher

Studio Five Beekman





November 6, 13, 20 & 27

6 PM - Midnight

John J. A. Jannone


sound installation


In the gallery, still frames of sound are transformed into navigable landscapes. In performance, a compelling flipbook of topographies is revealed in a few seconds of slow-motion sound.

November 20, 9pm
Solo performance by John J. A. Jannone

November 27, 9pm
Performance with flautist Andrea La Rose

Stillframe investigates the fascinating paradox of the still frame of sound. The still frame is impossible in the "time domain," where each moment of sound is in itself a silence; merely a quantum of pressure, a speaker cone position. But in the frequency domain, an analogue of the still frame exists; in it each component frequency of a sound is represented by a single, simple tone of infinite length.

In the gallery, the still frame - a finite window into the infinity of each moment of sound - becomes a landscape to be navigated by the listener. The simple component tones - to which every sound can be broken down - struggle in space, emphasizing and negating each other, and creating quite tangible passageways and contours within the gallery: the melodies and harmonies of the component tones.

In performance, John Jannone navigates the flipbook of still frames extracted from a few seconds of recorded sound; a picture-book of the internal complexity of an otherwise unhearable moment.