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Michael J. Schumacher

Studio Five Beekman




Monday, February 16th

8 pm

MiniOptoSonic Tea

Live sets by:

- Peter Shapiro (live visuals) with Glass Bees (live sound)
- Joshue Ott (live visuals) with Ezekiel Honig
(live sound)

Suggested donation: $ 7


about the artists:

Peter Shapiro has been making "video" since the mid seventies. Spawned as a video artist from the State University of New York, and the Experimental TV Center in Binghamton... While ensconced in frame buffering, colorizing and waveform generators, his focus, from porta-pak to camcorder, was always documenting the world around him. Interested in the behavior of people, as well as nature and changing environments. His visual work and collaborations have included projections on the UN, showing at MOCA L.A., the BBC, Collective Unconscious, Avalon on Catalina Isle, Lincoln Center, Warhol Museum, Tonic, Share, IPR, Monkeytown, NUI Barcelona, ABC No Rio, Museum of Natural History, the Chelsea Art Museum, Phill and Katherine's house, clubs parties and undergrounds around the world.

The Glass Bees is Chris Williams, Jason Das, and Andrea Williams. Using electronics, guitar, keyboards, acoustic percussion, computer processed field recordings, and other found objects, the Glass Bees assemble delicate soundscapes from colliding abstract loops, ambient noise, and sudden inspirations. Started as an improvisational studio and web project in 2006, the Glass Bees have posted dozens of tracks as an ongoing podcast at In 2008, they released their first CD, titled Tops Crops Snaps Hots, which sequenced highlights from this series into a continuous 63-minute mix. The Glass Bees have performed as part of the EyeWash video-audio series at Monkeytown, and their music has been featured in short documentaries by filmmaker Nerina Penzhorn on artists Chico McMurtrie and Mary Lynch.

New York-based multidisciplinary artist Joshue Ott creates cinematic visual improvisations, often performed live and projected in large scale. Working from hand-drawn forms which he then manipulates with superDraw, a software instrument of his own design, Ott composes evolving images that reside╩somewhere between minimalism, psychedelia, and Cagean chance. He performs frequently with musicians, sympathetically translating sound to vision to yield immersive multi sensory experiences that are at once immediate and synergistic. Ott's work has recently been featured in╩exhibitions at Mutek 2008,San Francisco International Film Festival 2008, Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008, Paris's Le Cube, the Playgrounds Audiovisual Art Festival in the Netherlands (2007), and the 2006 Ars Electronica Animation Festival. He has performed at Live Cinema Nights: Silver Lake Film Festival, in Los Angeles; as part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival; and at venues throughout New York City, including Carnegie Hall, the Knitting Factory, Le Poisson Rouge, and the Stone.

A New York City native, and founder/label manager for the Anticipate and Microcosm labels, Ezekiel Honig concentrates on his idiosyncratic brand of emotively warm electronic-acoustic music. Using the loop as more of a tool than a rule, Honig paints outside the lines, nestling into a comfortable space between techno, ambient and house - using them as reference points from which to stray, rather than as steadfast frameworks. Drawing on the rich history of musique concrete, Honig looks to incorporate a material nature into his music by imbuing it with a host of field recording/found-sound sources in the search for a balance between digital software innovation and the physicality of the world around us. His music is one of contrast and contradiction, combining minimal, abstract tendencies with a core of timeless harmonics - pairing inviting, fuzzy chords with clunky and dirty "mishaps."