The top five states with the most beautiful women in America are great because they all have different kinds of women. They all look slightly different, but they are so beautiful that you cannot look away. Check out the list to learn which states you should go to when you want to meet and be around the best and most beautiful girls in the country.

Florida is the state where you have plenty of beach bunnies, but you also get all the college coeds. Girls in the state have great bodies because they have been on the beach their whole lives. There are girls who will look amazing in a bikini just as they do coming out of the dance studio. They are not all bleached blondes. They are diverse women who look amazing all the time, have nice smiles and have southern charm.

Georgia is a melting pot where girls always look amazing because it is in the water. These women are all the best coeds in the country, and they are at colleges that are so large that you can always pick them out and go hang out on campus because it is so large and filled with pretty girls. The women in the state all get a nice tan in the summer, and they all have good bodies because they are working very hard for them. You can expect that this will always be a good place to come.

California is the state of the beach bunny because it brings together all the best and most iconic beaches in the country. These girls have spent their whole lives in bikinis, and they are some people who are going to notice that the California beach girl has a certain attitude that you do not get with girls in other states. These women are very strong, and they have a nice way of looking at the world that has to do with sunshine and moving on. The California girls does not waste her time on things that are beneath her. She is a woman of substance who can look through your soul.

Texas has so many different good looking girls because they have all the largest colleges and all the best looking women. There are women there who are getting their hair done every day just to go out, and they are dressed so well that you cannot look away. You need to have a look at these women because they are the traditional Texas girl who looks perfect in her jeans and her boots. She wears her dresses with those boots, and she is not afraid to show some skin.

Women who come out of Hawaii are the last on the list because hey have that caramel skin that you cannot miss. The Hawaii girl is so good looking that you will not be able to comprehend how she looks that way. She has spent her life in a bikini on the beach, and she might even be a surfer. She gets this nice Pacific sun that helps her have that nice lifelong tan. Someone who wants to meet a nice girl who looks good should remember that Hawaii has some really nice choices walking down the beach.

An honorable mention needs to go to two states that also have very good looking girls. These women look really nice because of the place they live and their access to water and the city. New York has amazing looking women who come from all over the world, and you cannot miss how amazing they look. They are so striking because they are all planning to look good every day, and you need to walk the streets of the city just to see how good looking these women are.

The last on the list is Virginia because it is a great place for women to come when they want to be near the beach and near the nation’s capitol. There are a lo of different girls who have the beach body that you are used to, but these same girls also have bodies that look good in their suits when they come to the city. That is something that people need to remember because the state is filled with the same beach bunnies you will find in any other state, but they clean up very well.

You can meet amazing women when you are learning about the states with the best looking women in America.

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